John Lindberg and Rahman Jamaal
with Tani Tabbal

CD/DVD Release: Tha Sound of Truth

Available for performance

" What's 'traditional' in jazz is the point of change...this music is what hip hop would have sounded like if they hadn't taken the instruments away  from kids by cutting out school music programs."
-Tani Tabbal

"JazzHopRevolution is unstoppable...a genre-transcending, inter-generational organic serious musical connection that never forgets 'having fun' lies at the core of delivering an inspiring message."
-John Lindberg

" If 'This Isn't Art' didn't justify hip hop as legitimate music [by combining it with Rachmaninov]... then this should do the trick."
- Rahman Jamaal

Bassist/composer John Lindberg and lyricist/hip hop artist Rahman Jamaal have come together with the drumming artistry of Tani Tabbal to form a collaboration that weds creative jazz with cutting-edge hip hop. These artists have created a unique musical vocabulary within a compelling multi-genre inclusive project that connects with listeners of all kinds. It blends the dynamic elements of jazz improvisation and contemporary composition with a hip hop attitude and compelling lyrics, delivering strong messages that resonate with all audiences. By also utilizing aspects of world music (odd and mixed meters), and rock (electronics and driving rhythmic impetus), this group truly speaks a universal language.
The CD album features ten original pieces that take the listener on a journey though a maze of grooves and messages of keen perception.
The DVD features the film, The Making of JazzHopRevolution, a candid look at the creative process of the artists as the album was recorded, and a music video of the album selection “The Myth”. The film and video were directed by John Bongiorno. The two disc package was released in June 2007 by LindyEditions, in association with Planet Arts. The two disc CD/DVD package is now available can be ordered or downloaded at


 John Lindberg has been a seminal figure in the world of creative music for over thirty years, having toured worldwide performing his own work leading ensembles, with the String Trio of New York, and as featured bassist with artists ranging from Anthony Braxton to Wadada Leo Smith. He has released over sixty albums featuring his work. His film, Bass Walk, is being released in fall 2007.

Rahman Jamaal captured wide attention as both an actor and lyricist/hip hop artist through his feature film debut The Beat (2003), directed by Brandon Sonnier. The film was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and has shown widely on the Starz, Showtime, and Sundance movie channels. The recent worldwide release of the film on DVD, by Ardustry Entertainment, has gained further attention for his work. He has also recently released the underground album "Outside the Box".

Drummer Tani Tabbal is internationally acclaimed for his passion for the avant-garde and pushing the jazz medium along with the blending of world rhythms. His fluidity with odd and mixed meters is totally unique. His career path has included work with Sun Ra and his Arkestra, Roscoe Mitchell, Griot Galaxy, Karl Berger, Cassandra Wilson, Geri Allen and James Carter.

The JazzHopRevolution has re-strung…